Intuitive Guidance Reading Lounge


We are going through a time of great change and awakening and that is why we have renamed the Psychic Reading Room to the Intuitive Guidance Lounge at this year’s Conscious Living 5D Expo. We are inviting intuitive practitioners who are ready to share their expertise and their insights to empower visitors to make positive changes in their lives and to connect with their own spiritual awakening to co-create a loving , healthy and sustainable planet. This event embodies a new way of sharing energetically your talents and abilities and engaging positively with the visitors who are participating over the 3 days.

A Quite Space  is provided for practitioners to offer individual readings for visitors at the  Conscious Living Expo .  The Intuitive Guidance Lounge is  managed by Kathryn Fritz  and visitors can book online prior to the Expo or at the Expo   Readers are encouraged to create their own ambient space with plants and crystals and to display their business cards,brochures and a pull up banner.  A table and 2 Chairs are provided in the carpeted space which is located in the corner of the first main Aisle in the Silver Jubilee Pavilion .

ClExpo floorplan

A Personal Profile  Each Psychic Reader receives a  personal bio and a short description of their reading with a colour photograph displayed at the Entrance to the Expo.  The Reader’s photo and description of reading is also published  in the Program online .   Individual Readers at the Expo are publicized on Facebook and shared in groups reaching over 50,000 people and to our database of over 10,000 people.  Readers receive 30 complimentary tickets for their friends and family and have access to free tea, coffee and water in the Exhibitor Lounge  during the Expo. Readers are given  breaks for tea and coffee and lunch in between reading appointments.


A Registration Fee is payable of  $104.50 inc gst

The Practitioner receives  $25 inc gst per reading of 20 minutes duration.  The Intuitive Guidance Reading Ticket is  $50 with FREE Admission when booked online. $55 at the Expo