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Develop Your Intuition & Support Your Emotional Wellbeing with Essential Oils- Workshop Saturday 1.45pm

Workshop Marquee November 20, 2021 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

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Helen Shaw

Explore Your  Emotions and Essential Oils
Emotions  Mentoring with essential oils has been a passion and purpose for Facilitator Helen Grace Shaw for more than 11 years now. Come and learn about the interplay that emotions and essential oils have with our intuition which can deeply support our journey towards personal power and mindfulness.

The interconnectedness between our emotions and physical wellbeing is strongly linked and Helen will share her learnings and experiences working with others and her personal story of seeking natural ways to release, heal and strengthen personal power and purpose through peaceful methods and modalities. This presentation will help you to discover the interplay, support, and benefits the oils have as a remedy to support and empower our journey through emotional wellbeing.

Come and listen as Helen shares her fountain of knowledge and looks at daily practices, mother nature’s toolbox, and a combination of modalities and mindfulness that support your ever-evolving emotional wellbeing.

Visit Helen at her Booth H 20 in the Undercroft 

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