Gut Magic – Quentin Strauli Friday 1:30pm

.Nature's Kitchen October 25, 2019 1:30 pm - 1:50 pm

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Quentin Strauli

If you have gut problems and who doesn’t ?

Now, in theory, you are  the expert in knowing what’s working in your body so why not put our challenge to the test?

Most issues start in the digestive system and we often refer to our gut but are you aware that we all have six individual parts to our digestive system. That why the diagnosis is irritable bowl syndrome (IBS).  

Whether it’s the lack of hydrochloric acid,  probiotics or just too much acidity in the diet, you just don’t fit the drug regime. That’s where a highly trained nutritionist or naturopath could get more specific but in the meantime we have a money back guarantee product that is safe and mostly effective. Gut Magic is a natural prebiotic that can address many issues.  Just take one a day for a month and start to feel the difference within two weeks.

Quentin Strauli will be explaining the benefits of PREbiotics over the more conventional probiotics  at Nature’s Kitchen stage.