Overhead Audience Channellings with Tony Norgrove Sunday 12pm

.Mainstage November 21, 2021 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

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Tony Norgrove

Tony reads for people through Clairvoyance, connecting people with their loved ones, pets, and Spiritual Teachers so they can continue with their connection themselves.  He will also share anything that may be holding a person back from their spiritual path. He receives information concerning the person’s state of health in the physical and etheric thereby empowering positive action.  He literally sees who is the person’s best spiritual teacher to gain knowledge from.  He also translates people’s  Power Animals and their Personal Archetypes.

Tony sees and hears auras and he playfully interprets peoples’ Auras. He can see the likely characteristics inherent in the person via observed ‘Archetypes”. People’s nearby power animals show Ancestral personality traits as well. He can see your chakra strengths colouring your aura, visually with 2 or 3 colours. Using mediumship he acquaints people with both pets and people that have passed on. He does this under the lifelong mentorship of a spiritual teacher since childhood. “I’ve found there’s more we likely don’t know than we do know! An open mind is like an open window, it lets the fresh air in. Stay Strong.

You can meet Tony at The Sacred Tree booth V10 in the Earth Village https://clexpofloorplan.expofp.com/?tony-norgrove-the-sacred-tree