Sound Healing with Khandro Rinpoche – Sunday 2.30pm

.Mainstage October 27, 2019 2:30 pm - 2:50 pm

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Khandro Rinpoche

Chanting and vocal resonance have been discovered by scientists to contain amazing healing qualities. Sounds can send healing vibrations to all of our cells, tissues, muscles, and organs.
Sound healing has been used by Vajrayana  Buddhist meditation masters for centuries.  Khandro Rinpoche will offer a sound healing via the practice of Chod. Chod is one of the most advanced meditation practices as it “cuts through” obstacles, negativity and self-delusion.

Through detailed visualization, meditation, chanting, drumming and ritual music the Chod practitioner creates ultimate and relentless generosity that pacifies sickness, suffering and spiritual blindness in sentient beings and heals disturbed environmental energies. Participants simply relax and allow the sounds and energetic vibrations of this profound practice to cleanse and heal.