Starseeds Awakening Consciousness Meditation Saturday 11:30am

.Sound Temple November 20, 2021 11:30 am - 12:15 pm

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Tony Norgrove

As a Divine Soul, where are your origins? Tony your facilitator will assist in opening the door for you to experience this important heartfelt connection with the Gods, by taking you there. No previous experience is required, only an open heart and mind. Humanity is now anchored in the ‘Aquarian Age,’ with the Quickening of our Soul Templates. Today you will feel the bridge created between yourself and a much higher frequency. You will leave with relevant tools to continue the search for knowledge and therefore inner peace. ie what is happening to our soul presently? Where exactly is much of our stress etherically emanating from? Feel free of mainstream controls. Namaste.

You can meet Tony at The Sacred Tree booth V10 in the Earth Village https://clexpofloorplan.expofp.com/?tony-norgrove-the-sacred-tree

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