The Colours of Me Saturday 2:15pm

.Mainstage November 20, 2021 2:15 pm - 2:35 pm

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Jacquie Walker

Meet the author: Jacquie Walker and writer/mentor  Kez Wickham – St George    
This anthology features eighteen strong and courageous women who share their stories.  From near-death experiences to the grief of losing a child, transformative experiences, and achievement of the seemingly impossible, these real-life stories of triumph will warm your heart.
Jacquie Walker is one of these brave women authors who writes about her own journey of moving beyond the trauma of bullying, emotional and sexual abuse to thriving and living an empowered life.  In this presentation, Jacquie will talk about the healing power of sharing your story with others. Kez Wickham – St George is the compiler of the book and a writing mentor who helps women get their stories into print.

Join Jacquie and Kez after the presentation for a cuppa in the Earth Cafe to have a chat to share and learn more about writing your story.