Speaker Platform

Speaker at Conference and Presentation

 Engage  the Expo Visitor Audience

The Benefits

  • Present to a live audience and engage visitors .
  • Be featured in the mass circulation print and digital program 15,000 programs are circulated in Perth including 5,000 direct mailed to our visitor database.  Your image, bio and presentation are featured in the Program on the website
  • Engage the Living Well Radio audience with an in-depth 7-10 minute conversation where you can present your personal and business profile ( POA)
  • Be featured in the Australia wide circulation Conscious Living M  agazine with an article or editorial review  professionally produced by our Editorial team
  • Brand your business message on the website and on the Main Stage Screen at the Expo!
  • Boost your  Social Media profile – Your talk/  seminar/workshop is shared in Facebook posts  with our 6,800 + Facebook followers and our affiliate partners’ social media with a reach of 50,000 +
  • e Newsletter – Promotion  Your seminar/workshop  is  publicized  in  the E newsletter sent  to 8000 + recipients

Speaker Options

• 20 minute  talk or demo at the speakers’ café –  Seating up to 75 people or on the Main Stage – Seating up to 100 people  $125

• 20 minute talk/demo/performance on the Main Stage seating 100 people  $125

• 45/50 minute  Keynote Seminar or Workshop in the Keynote Seminar Theatre  Seating 120 people $225

• 45 minute experiential meditation/yoga /session in  the Sound Temple a sound proofed room seating up to 50 people. $125

Inquiries for Conscious Living Expo are due by February 28th   Apply Now