Perth’s largest ever sound bath collaboration will take place at the opening ceremony of the Conscious Living Expo on October 25, 2019 and is free to Conscious living expo visitors.

This event marks the first time in Western Australia that such a large group of sound practitioners share the stage to play a sound meditation. 14 sound practitioners will weave their collective magic for a 30 minute sound bath: Journey to Oneness.

The unparalleled extent of this sound performance will produce a powerful harmonic experience as numerous gongs, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls combine to create a magnitude of healing frequencies.

Sound Therapy in the form of sound meditation or sound bath has the ability to facilitate not just relaxation but has been shown to have a profound healing effect.

Sound Therapy is widely recognised as the most ancient of the healing therapies, having being practised for millennia . It  has recently re-emerged as a promising and rapidly growing healing modality.

The sound practitioners to take the stage are all graduates from the Australian College of Sound Therapy. The College is the only one of its kind in Australia and runs sound therapy training from short intense workshops to Diploma level courses taken part time over six months.

This year will mark the 31st Conscious Living Expo, making it the longest running expo of its kind in Australia.