Silent Smile Book Launch – Saturday 12:10pm

.Mainstage November 20, 2021 12:10 pm - 12:30 pm

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Mirjam Rothkamm

Join author Mirjam Rothkamm for the Australian launch of the book, Silent Smile. 

SILENT SMILE calls for an Inner Revolution — a fundamental shift from our mind to our heart — a Return To Love.

In this book, THE DIVINE speaks directly to us and invites us to discover our inner well of wisdom living in the stillness of our heart. SILENT SMILE teaches us the basic spiritual laws and how to practise these in our daily lives. It shows us how to find our true nature and with it inner peace and happiness.

The essential message of this book can be captured in three words— TO BE LOVE.

Humanity finds itself at major crossroads and faces existential threats and challenges like never before. The urgency for us to act and change our ways is more than apparent. It is a call — a sacred call!

Yet, we rarely identify the root cause of the disastrous circumstances of our world — namely ourselves. The outer condition of our planet can be seen as a direct reflection of our personal and collective inner disharmony and unhealed pain.

Therefore, any change for a better world must begin from within. Unhealed people cannot heal the world.

Meet Mirjam and get your book signed at Aurum House  Booth V22  https://clexpofloorplan.expofp.com/?aurum-house-pty-ltd