The Heart Womb Connection Meditation – 12.30pm Sat

.Sound Temple November 20, 2021 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

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Rachael Te Wano


Unlock the creative portal between your heart and womb and release thousands of years of shame and suppression of the patriarchal systems that have been stored within your body. This meditation will clear the trauma held within the cells and reclaim your divine feminine pulse. Experience a release of your unique creative voice and an unlimited ability to create. Your life will flow with ease and grace and you will be attuned back to your natural cycles and rhythms. This is a powerful journey, opening the gateway of the heart and womb so that you may reclaim your divine feminine grace, purpose, and power.  Rachael works with her own unique combination of gifts as a multidimensional soul healer. She works with energy, light language, activations of energy and sound, womb shaman, akashic readings as well as using the gateways of the crystalline grid of Earth.

This Meditation will shift consciousness and upgrade your energy field to bring you into living from heart consciousness.

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